Capacity Building Fund

The Capacity Building Fund supports the setting up of Philanthropic Development Offices (PDOs) across Non-Profit Organizations to fulfill their missions successfully and sustainably. New and struggling PDOs are provided with seed money to kick-start their relationship building with donors, and engagement process with donees.

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81% of non-profit leaders say access to capital is their biggest challenge and 50% of non-profits are set up to fail.

Statistics data from Forbes and Fastcompany.

Often, when a Non-Profit Organization sets up a PDO, the challenge is the inability to assemble the desired team because of financial constraints. Without a full-time team that is trained to handle philanthropic work, it will be a struggle to connect professionally with donors, as well as to conduct consistent outreach to the beneficiaries.

The Capacity Building Fund, while not directly benefitting any charity, is equally critical to help provide the necessary start-up capital and resources to stabilize a new PDO. With a strong foundation, more donors can come onboard to support its advocacies, thereby providing more aid to its beneficiaries.

12 percent of Non-Profits exit with five years while 17 percent exited within ten years.

Your contribution will stabilize PDOs, maintain their teams and retain donors, but most importantly, it will have a considerable impact on the people they are helping.

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