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Carefor2020 Campaign – Indigenous People

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DSWD SB-SP-00075-2020 (18 May 2020 to 19 Aug 2020)

“Together, we can build a world where the rights of Indigenous Peoples are respected, where their voices are honoured, and where their communities thrive.” – Justin Trudeau

According to the World Bank, there are an estimated 476 million Indigenous Peoples in over 90 countries globally. Making up over 6% of the world population, they account for about 15% of the extreme poor. Indigenous Peoples’ life expectancy is up to 20 years lower than the life expectancy of non-indigenous people worldwide.

Indigenous Peoples often lack access to natural resources, basic public services, the formal economy, and justice. This exclusion makes them highly vulnerable to the devastating impacts of climate change, natural disasters, and pandemics such as COVID-19.

Indigenous Peoples, who have lost their lands and livelihoods, will experience further poverty, food insecurity and higher malnutrition rates due to shutting down of markets, and mobility restrictions. With no access to clean water, sanitation and quality healthcare, they are even more susceptible to COVID-19. Living in extreme poverty, it is harder for them to buy and store food, or to sustain themselves whilst they are out of work. The lack of recognition of millions of Indigenous Peoples in certain countries also prevents them from accessing economic compensation packages.

Our CareFor2020 Campaign aims to ensure that Indigenous Peoples benefit from social protection and economic interventions to lessen the socioeconomic impact of the pandemic.

Your contribution to our response efforts will provide for their immediate needs, such as food, clean water and proper healthcare. It will also provide training in practical revenue-generating activities, land and natural resources use, environmental protection, as well as capacity building and strengthening. This economic empowerment will support livelihoods that cater to the Indigenous People’s needs and cultures, and also can give them a voice in decision-making processes involving their land and the resources they own.

DSWD SB-SP-00075-2020 (18 May 2020 to 19 Aug 2020)