COVID-19 Economic Response Fund

The COVID-19 Economic Response Fund aims to prevent mass starvation of the poor in our society, and reach out to the vulnerable afflicted by this unprecedented event – like providing food and medicine to the daily wage earners and their families who lost their livelihoods, and saving the homeless in the streets with no persons to beg from.

DSWD SB-SP-00075-2020 – 18 May 2020 to 19 Aug 2020

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In The Philippines, the number of infected cases and fatalities are also increasing daily.

To contain the virus, the whole country went into a lockdown as authorities suspend public transport, school and work, except for basic services, and order people to stay at home. Luzon was forced to shut down 703 factories leaving thousands of workers unemployed.

As the problem only worsens by the day, an extension of the lockdown is already being considered. But for the daily-waged informal workers which make up 38% of the Filipino workforce, each day that passes without income or food means the family goes hungry for another day. Death by starvation is a stronger reality for them.

With no access to food or relief supplies, these famished people have no choice but to succumb to inhumane acts such as eating corn fungus to fight their hunger or worse, crime.

Your contribution will help victims severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, alleviate their hunger and provide their daily needs.

DSWD SB-SP-00075-2020
18 May 2020 to 19 Aug 2020

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Below are the projects that will be supported by this fund.

Diocese of Laoag – COVID-19 Relief Program

IHM (Chicago) COVID-19 Response Programs for Africa

IHM (UK) COVID-19 Response Programs for Africa

VNAA – Provision of PPE to Hospitals in Cebu City

DDL – Food & Water for the Poor & Vulnerable in Enugu Nigeria

The Passionist Relief Operations in Gen San

Carmel Development Center – COVID-19 Relief Projects

Diocese of Alaminos – COVID-19 Love Packs

St Joseph Parish Canlaon – Relief Goods for COVID-19 Calamity

Great Talents Are Hope for Tomorrow – COVID-19 Relief Program

Pangarap Shelter

Claretian Missionary Sisters COVID-19 Relief Assistance

BSH INDIA – Aarogyadhan (COVID-19 Healthcare Program)

BSH INDIA – Save Lives, Feed Families

RENE TRUST INDIA – Intervention For The Prevention of COVID-19

COVID-19 Relief Aid Provision for Indigenous Communities in Davao City

Carmelite Missionaries COVID-19 Relief Program

LSQC To Feed Street Dwellers of Quezon City

‘Seven Families of Hope’ Program (PHASE 1)

Bakhita Canossa Beat COVID19: Help Us Provide Ration & Fight Hunger

Vincentian Response and Assistance to the Poor (ViRA-Poor) Program

Camillus COVID-19 PPE Supply for Healthcare Employees

Camillus COVID-19 Food Relief

Camillus Medhaven Support in COVID-19 Prevention