Disaster Response Fund

The Disaster Response Fund aims to be a readily available fund which is meant to be disbursed quickly in times of emergency. This quick response funding is essential to facilitate relief operations and medical missions to disaster-hit areas.

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The Philippines is battered by an average of 20 typhoons per year.

Families living below the poverty line are usually the ones most affected by these disasters. Because of their income, or the lack thereof, they cannot do anything about their living situation which makes their lives and homes at risk. Many of them perished or had their homes destroyed when disaster struck.

The impact that follows a disaster can be equally daunting. Those who were forced to stay in evacuation centres starved and contracted diseases. Many would have lost their livelihood in the onslaught of the disaster and is unable to survive. Those who had lost family members do not have the means to arrange for proper burial.

During 2013’s Typhoon Haiyan (Local name: Yolanda) alone, more than 10,000 perished and lost their homes.

Your contribution will help us to deploy aid to the disaster-struck areas swiftly.

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Below are the projects that will be supported by this fund.

Aid for Victims of Happyland Tondo Fire

Lingap Batangas