Rs. 3,656,250 (USD 48,750)

Fund Name

COVID-19 Economic Response Fund


Brothers of the Sacred Heart – Philanthropic Development Office India (BSH-PDO India)

Project Director

Br. M Thomas

Phone: 9655953222

Email: ctomshj@gmail.com

Address: Planet Hope Campus, Chikka Byrathi, Doddagubbi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560077


1,125 Families in different states of India

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The Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has always been committed in the service of the poor and the marginalized across India. The BSH-PDO renders service through 15 network centers across different states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, etc.

The major focus area of all our services includes evangelization of children, women, youth, education, health, skill training, natural farming, and human rights, etc. The primary beneficiaries of our network centers include daily wage workers like domestic workers, migrant workers, construction workers, quarry workers, tribes and other marginalized communities in and around our network centers.

In the current COVID-19 situation, more individuals have been affected physically, socially, economically and psychologically due to the lockdown. The day-to-day life of many individuals, as well as communities, has been severely affected. As a result of the continuous lockdown, they are unable to even meet their basic needs, and have reached a situation where they require immediate food aid and medical assistance.


1,125 Families in different states of India

Project Implementation:

The project basically aims to provide Food Kits to 1,125 families who are identified as in pathetic condition due to the country’s lockdown. In the three weeks following the lockdown, our network centers have helped the suffering communities by providing face masks, hand sanitizers and life-saving Food Kits in and around their location through our “Save Lives, Feed Families” project. There are communities that solely depend on their daily wages to feed themselves. Now that the Government has extended the national lockdown by a further 20 days, the daily workers are forced to stay at home, and cannot go out for work for another three weeks.

Waking up every day not knowing how to feed their families and looking for assistance from NGOs or government officials are their toughest challenges. As hunger reaches unprecedented levels in India, food is the only thing preventing millions of people from starving to death.

On 9 April 2020, the Times of India newspaper reported that a migrant worker in Karnataka starved to death as she trekked back to her home village during the forced lockdown:


The BSH-PDO India tries to ensure that there is no loss of lives because of hunger during the lockdown caused by COVID-19. After a careful study, each network center will provide for three villages, with 25 families from each village receiving food kits and groceries for the next three weeks.

A total of 1,125 families from 45 villages under 15 network centers in different states will be supported through this “Save Lives; Feed Families” pilot project. The directors of the network centers are encouraged to find other NGOs or Foundations who can join this project to feed the daily workers, migrants and homeless.


The total amount required for the implementation of this project is Rs. 3,656,250 (USD 48,750).

Table 1 gives the breakdown and cost of items in each Food Kit.

Table 1: List and Cost of items provided in each Food Kit

Table 2 gives the list of 45 villages covered by the 15 network centers (3 villages per network center) and the budget allocated to them. Each family will receive one Food Kit that will provide enough food for 3 weeks. A total of 1,125 Food Kits will be distributed.

Table 2: List of Villages and Budget allocated