PHP 1,866,287.50

Fund Name

COVID-19 Economic Response Fund


Carmel Development Center Philanthropic Development Office

Project Director

Sr. Flor Pauline L. Duran , Carm. O.L. , Ph. D.

Phone: 09186362615

Email: florpauline_duran@yahoo.com.ph

Address: 45 Rosario Drive, New Manila, Quezon City 1109 Philippines


3,700 Families and 45 Elderly Persons

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected The Philippines in so many ways. Many poverty-stricken families have lost their source of income. We are mandated by the Government to stay at home to flatten the curve, but not everyone has the means to do so. The homeless have nowhere to go and many daily wage workers are still heading out to their jobs.

The elderly are often neglected because their children are busy making ends meet to survive. As no source of income comes in, parents find it a challenge to put food on the table for the whole family. People with pre-disposed conditions are also at high risks to be afflicted by this new virus. This is a heartbreaking reality that we are all facing right now.


  • Food Packs Distribution: 65 families (Quezon City Center), 80 families (Bacong Negros Center), 105 families (Dumaguete City Center)
  • Elderly Accompaniment: 15 elderly (Quezon City Center), 10 elderly (Bacong Negros Center), 20 elderly (Dumaguete City Center)
  • Financial Aid: 3,450 families (Bacong Negros, Dumaguete City and Quezon City)

Program Implementation:

If no help comes to these needy families, it might lead to a series of undesirable situations such as increased crime rate, malnutrition in children, increase in ailments among our aged-population, stressed parents and marriages, depression and suicide. These are serious matters that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

We are earnestly knocking at your kind hearts to share and give monetary donations for the causes of our COVID-19 Relief Projects.

1.Food Packs Distribution:

The Carmel Development Center PDO has mobilized 27 young and dynamic volunteers, in the cities of Quezon, Dumaguete and Bacong Negros Oriental, to distribute basic essentials to needy families in the impoverished areas to alleviate their hunger living conditions.

2.Elderly Accompaniment:

We provide emotional support by constantly communicating through phone calls, cell phone conversations and occasional respite care and most of all spiritual support. The elderly needs to feel love and should not feel neglected.

3.Financial Assistance:

In this time of unprecedented crisis, even the working class has financial difficulties as they have bills to pay and families to feed on a daily basis. And it’s uncertain when this will come to an end.


Detailed Budget Breakdown: 

1. Food Pack Distribution  

Quezon City 

Bacong Negros Oriental 

Dumaguete City 

2.Elderly Accompaniment 

The sisters who are assigned to do counselling over the phone would be using pre-paid call cards.  

3.Financial Assistance 

This is the financial assistance that we would be giving to the less fortunate families who visit the centres of Quezon City, Bacong Negros and Dumaguete City. 

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