PHP 2,235,984 (USD 44,719.68) for 2 months

Fund Name

COVID-19 Economic Response Fund


Claretian Missionary Sisters

Project Director

Sr. Rizalyn B. Solitario, RMICM
Alma Corazon S. Paderes

Phone: +639178580568222 / +639175180568

Email: cmspdo2017@gmail.com / lynbsolitario@gmail.com

Address: Cenacle Drive, Sanville Subdivision, Culiat, 1128 Quezon City, Philippines


185 Households (707 Individuals)

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The Religious of Mary Immaculate Claretian Missionary Sisters (RMICM) is a religious missionary institute with a mission to reach out to children and the youth through ministry and apostolate to promote Marian Devotion.

Today, the Claretian Missionary Sisters are hosting 2 communities located in Quezon City, Metro Manila and Guimaras Province, where they hold parishes. Between the 2 locations, they have a total of 185 households with 707 individuals who need relief assistance because they are affected due to the lockdown.

Our Convents have begun distributing basic commodities because there are more vulnerable families who will die in starvation if the Community Quarantine keeps on being prolonged. We are organizing and reaching out to more families and communities in need and to do this, we are seeking assistance.


We hope to continue the distribution of basic commodities to the 185 poor and deserving families located in Quezon City, Metro Manila and Guimaras Island, Western Visayas.

These 2 communities foster the families the Claretian Missionary Sisters serve through their youth programs on apostolate, and weekly Rosary groups.

Project Implementation:

The breadwinners of these 185 families were all asked to stop their livelihood and stay home. They are the daily wage earners selling goods on the streets, construction workers, public transportation drivers, etc.

We have volunteers to help in the distribution and sources to purchase the goods, and we can have on-going deployment until we reach the families since they are all in close proximity within each other.

With the help that can be extended to the beneficiaries, they will be able to survive the current crisis. After the crisis, we can continue to do our usual advocacy of teaching and formation of our beneficiaries specially the children and the youths, who will eventually be the future leaders of our country.