PHP 969,100.00 for 2 months

Fund Name

COVID-19 Economic Response Fund


Lourdes School Quezon City Philanthropic Development Office (LSQC-PDO)

Project Director

Fr. Alberto Poblete

Phone: +63918.601.0102

Email: albertofmcap@yahoo.com

Address: Kanlaon Street cor. N.S. Amoranto Streett Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City


200 Homeless Individuals and 70 Families

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When the Philippines went into a nationwide lockdown on 17 March 2020, millions of Filipinos were affected – losing their livelihoods and means to put food on their tables. The lives of the homeless became even worse as they now have no one to beg from for their daily means. While the Government took some time to provide solutions for the people, the Capuchin Brothers immediately initiated a feeding program for the homeless – true to our tradition and in-line with our past actions of responding swiftly during any calamity or disaster.

To us, the homeless are also children of God, and putting the needs of these people before our own, is concrete response of our provincial commission for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC). Even when the Government enforced an Extreme Enhanced Quarantine order, the Capuchin Brothers risked being caught by the military or national police by going into the streets to feed the homeless.

Instead of keeping ourselves safe within our secured homes and parishes, our immediate thoughts were about the street dwellers or rough sleepers, who are exposed and vulnerable to the COVID-19 threat. Clad in our brown robes with just the bare safety necessities of a face mask and gloves, we went in search of hungry street dwellers along some of the busy streets of Quezon City – to feed them and ensure they do not starve in their makeshift homes overnight.


  • 200 Homeless Individuals
  • 70 Homeless Families

Program Implementation:

Starvation can drive a person to do desperate things just to feed that hunger, even committing an offence or a crime. Our feeding program not only provides a regular daily meal to the homeless, it can help prevent hunger-driven crimes.

We serve a specific area in Quezon City because two of our parishes – Sta Teresita Del Nino Jesus Parish and the National Shrine of Lourdes – having 8 and 9 barangays respectively – are located in this highly dense area with a large number of rough sleepers.

We have begun our own intervention within our neighborhood through the feeding program. We have a team of volunteers who drive around to sight and distribute packed meals to street dwellers, who are never fixed at the same spot, as they are usually mobile. We can locate about 200 displaced individuals daily, but this number can be higher if we are given more financial assistance.

In addition, we supply bags of relief goods to 70 homeless families who tend to remain at the same location for a longer time. Each bag of relief goods and basic necessities can last a homeless family of four for a month.


A. Packed Meals for 200 Homeless Individuals:

B. Bags of Relief Goods for 70 Homeless Families:

Consolidated Costs: