INR 5,845,500 (USD 75,916.00) for 3 months

Fund Name

COVID-19 Economic Response Fund


Rural EducatioN and Empowerment Trust Philanthropic Development Office (RENE TRUST PDO INDIA)

Project Director

R. Daniel Raja

Phone: +91 9443516808 / + 91 97505 55104

Email: trustrene@gmail.com / renetrustpdoindia@gmail.com

Address: 104-Happy Homes, Virattipathu, Madurai-625016, TN, India


2,000 families

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RENE Trust PDO-India (Rural EducatioN and Empowerment Trust Philanthropic Development Office – India) is a non-profit organization based out of Madurai, Tamil Nadu state in India, operating with advocacies for health, disaster and environment. We have been working for the empowerment of the marginalized, tribal women and children since 2010, actively addressing health and rights issues of women and children. We are educating tribal children, who do not have access to formal education in hills and also the children of Dalits (Landless). We were also involved with the Gaja Cyclone (2018) rehabilitation work.


Currently, Madurai city is thickly populated around 1.47 million habitants that are Indian Nationals and with roughly 10,000 migrants living in and around Madurai. Among the population, we have chosen 2,000 families (around 10,000 people) to be our beneficiaries; they are the common people (irrespective of age, gender and social status).

Program Implementation:

Many people on the streets are unaware of the COVID-19 virus spread; hence they don’t wear any face masks. But, even if they understood the seriousness, they could not afford to buy the masks, sanitizers or any tonics to help boost their immunity. So the mission of our program is to provide the needy with all the preventive measures to keep the COVID-19 virus at bay and to save their lives. We also want to ensure their survival during the national lockdown and curfew by feeding them.

Local officials and Government sectors are extending their help in the preventive measures. But they are busy with identifying infected people, treatments, personal protection equipment (PPE) and preventive measures for doctors, nurses, technicians and medications. Therefore, interventions from Non-Profit Organizations like Rene Trust is a welcoming support to the public and Government.

Rene Trust PDO’s immediate response is to activate preventive measures to save people from the widespread COVID-19 virus, and to take care of their livelihoods due to the impact of lockdown.

We will supply free face masks and sanitizers, which are not available at affordable price in the market, for our people. We will distribute them for free door-to-door, as well as in the public places. We will also provide traditional nutrients to the poor to help develop immunity to both children and elderly above 60 years of age. We will feed the people on streets, provide a common shelter and food until the lockdown is lifted and also continue post lockdown time too.