What is Spring Rain
Sustainability Model?

Long‐term sustainability has been one of the many challenges faced by most institutions nowadays. How to innovate and create varied sources of income to address global challenges has been a major concern.

Things have evolved and what used to work before may not be the best solution anymore knowing that certain problems in sustainability have not been resolved. Every institution is looking for ways on how to make more creative strategies without affecting the nature of their services because the mission is still very valued.

One underlying reason why the crisis on sustainability happens is that there has been no financial plan or blueprint created for the future. This financial plan is the “roadmap” to financial sustainability as it outlines our current savings to produce our future income. Investing without a plan leads to lack of discipline where it allows our psychological biases and emotions to invade
in the process. The plan will lay the foundation for the institution to foresee the possible crisis or
opportunities and what are the underlying solutions to address such circumstances.

Spring Rain believes in the capacity of each institution to become sustainable. In our experience
when clients present their realities to us, solutions to their challenges have been implemented in many “short‐cut” ways as a result of their being pressured to make a decision. This is due to the fact that the problems are already there plus there are time constraints demanding an immediate output. In the end, the decisions are made halfheartedly and most often, the chosen solution is not the best alternative to solve the problem. Spring Rain believes that assessment is essential in knowing where the institution is. And creating the roadmap to where it is going is very important. Both are needed prior to making crucial decisions on almost any area especially those that will affect the organization’s operations and sustainability.

This is why we created Philanthropic Development Offices.

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